After School Program

Pickup • Snacks • Homework • Games • Academic Enrichment

Safe Pickup

Partnered with Frisco Shuttle for pickup from school


Healthy Snacks

Catering healthy snacks from certified food service providers


Homework Assistance

Following up on school assignments


CARING FOR YOUR KIDS: iKidz Vs. In-school programs

  • Careing for your kids iKidz In-school program
    Care1 teacher for 8 students in a small group settingSupervised large group
    HomeworkTeacher checks assigned school work to assists kids to complete themMinimal help
    SnacksSandwiches, Fresh fruitsChips, fruit juice
    AcademicsCoGAT and G&T assistance with individual assistanceNone
    Play timeIndoor & Outddor Gym time
    Extra classesChess and Technology classesNone
    Class setupProgram conducted in class room setupIn school cafeteria
    PickupPickup kids from iKidzPickup from school
    Fee$90/week (includes pickup from school)$74/week
    Value for your family ★★★★★★★★


Current Schools in our pickup route

Ashley, Bledsoe, Boals, Carroll, Corbell, Fisher, Hosp, LPS, McSpedden, Mooneyham, Newman, Norris, Phillips, Pink, Purefoy, Robertson, Scott, Sonntag, Sparks, Vaughn

Call us if your school is not in our current list - (214)705-4718




  • Partnered with Frisco Shuttle for pickup from school
    Our program includes picking your kid from their Frisco elementary schools and bringing them to our operating location. We have partnered with Frisco Shuttle for a reliable, safe, kid friendly and certified transportation service. Call us to see if your kid's school is within our range for free pickup.


  • Catering healthy snacks from certified food service providers
    We ensure kids have a decent snack before they start their homework, much like what we all do with our kids at our home. We offer great variety so that kids look forward to their healthy snack time and finish them. Health body, Healthy mind!


  • Following up on school assignments
    One of the bets value we offer at iKidz is to assist parents and kids in following up with their school assignments. While it is still the kids responsibility to remember and complete their homework, a bit of mentoring and tutoring goes a long way.


  • Special iKidz curriculum covering CoGAT
    We have developed an academic curriculum covering critical thinking, language skills and mathematics focused on accelerated academic performance. The curriculum enables excellence in Gift & Talented and CoGAT tests for K-5. We do try to accommodate other special academic tutoring based on individual kid's need.


  • Kindling the creative interest in Robotics
    Weekly robotics session to introduce kids to the basics of Robotics. Sharing ideas for building robotics, hands-on experiments and discussing what is happening in the world of robotics. Exposure to FLC and other competitive events.

Indoor Outdoor Games

  • Daily game time in playground or in Gym
    Our curriculum schedule incorporate a mandatory play time. Outdoor play time and on inclement weather kids have a fun time with indoor games in the gym. Adult supervision and active participation encouraging sharing and building friendship.




iKidz East - First week free

We are extending our premium afterschool care to parents and kids in Frisco East. Check out the difference our afterschool program compared to the in-school programs. We guarantee satisfaction from running the program for last four years and learning from the best - parents like you.