Marked academic improvement in short time compared to other after school care we have tried for our 3rd grader.


My kids are picky eaters and lunch often comes back home. So relieved that they are finishing up the healthy snacks around 3pm. Big guilt has been lifted!


Thank you for one-on-one attention to my elder son’s language challenge. His scores have improved and he seems more relaxed and able to concentrate on his favorite math assignments.


All our 3 kids have a great time at your after school care. Sign us up for the full summer camp as well.

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    Camp @ 4 locations

  • 2020

    Saturday Aerospace camps

Why We Do What We Do

iKidz Education LLC runs on the mission of Learn Well and Live Well. Parents know very well that learning doesn’t stop at School. They also know that healthy and happy kids learn and live well. We at iKidz are at the service of such parents who appreciate a well rounded program that takes care of their kids needs. Our goal is to provide a healthy, entertaining and supportive environment for the kids to complete their homework and after school activities, and see a happy and contented kid being picked up by their parents looking forward for a great family time.

iKidz is a humble beginning, privileged to serve your kid’s need for the 3 hours or so of their school day. We set a single goal, yes, single goal – let us put the 3hr or so after school to good use – Healthy snack, finish school assignment, augment math and language – all towards the goal of accelerating academic success without compromising good old family time when parents return from long day after work.

Parents have a great role in every kids life. Those late night homework and the need to shuttle kids around to different places for after school activities are probably not the most productive role for the parents. Those panic calls to the Nanny or a Friend to pick up your kid because you got stuck in a meeting or in the traffic is a common occurrence. Comparing and evaluating various after school activities, finding the right location and time with out conflicts is not easy. Let us spend the limited time we have better with our kids.

Our curriculum is uniquely developed to practice Critical Thinking skills and use those skills to accelerate academic materials that can be evaluated by standardized test, test that our State and National School districts recognize. The intention is to sharpen both the left and right side brain skills and give room or the kid to move forward at different phase. We want to ensure that there is progress in both fronts and that progress translates into academic success through standardized tests.